Second Passport — A New Year’s Resolution

Second Passport — A New Year’s Resolution

written by A. L. Hart Havens on January 1, 2022

Throughout 2021, Liberated Services has repeatedly highlighted citizenship as the institution that offers the highest level of rights and protections to individuals by a national government. And within this context, our articles have described the model dual citizen who understands the value of this resource and seeks to leverage second passports to his own advantage by slyly navigating the global landscape of national jurisdictions and geopolitical spheres of influence.

However, the attention afforded to the various multi-faceted and sophisticated offshore strategies has unfortunately led to some of the more ordinary perks of second citizenship falling by the wayside. With that in mind, this article will explore these often-overlooked benefits, among which is a blatantly obvious one, namely that second passports are extremely cool.

Lessons in One-Upmanship

A trend that has become quite discernible in recent years is the great interest exhibited by high-net-worth individuals in acquiring second passports. Now, this fact alone is not very remarkable given that people from all walks of life are increasingly seeking to achieve political and financial diversification across a variety of international jurisdictions.

However, a number of studies and surveys have found that many ultra-wealthy individuals today perceive a second passport as a status symbol and a collector’s item rather than as a practical tool for offshore diversification. Thus, those who possess such precious objects of desire appear to have earned ultimate gloating and showboating rights.

It is fair to say that a second passport definitely does bestow bragging rights, irrespective of whether the holder chooses to exercise them. A second passport can also serve as a newfound ego-booster and a means of outdoing and one-upping competitive-minded acquaintances and colleagues at dinner parties, company functions, and country club banquets.

In fact, a well-appointed passport portfolio is on its way to overtaking vintage cars, wine collections, private yachts, and the like as the ultimate status symbol of the super-rich and the ultra-sophisticated. Hence, nonchalantly unveiling one’s passport repertoire at a social get-together is the perfect way to say I’m better than you.

This type of pretentious swagger may certainly evoke feelings of amusement, envy, or outrage among down-to-earth commonfolk, but that doesn’t make the possession of multiple passports any less cool.

The International Man of Intrigue

The notion of a second passport has a tendency to invoke the image of international men of intrigue à la James Bond, Jason Bourne, and Austin Powers. While these are obviously overblown fictional characters, a second passport can nonetheless lend a man a more mysterious and intriguing persona.

And as the general public has virtually zero knowledge about the topic of dual citizenship, a second passport holder has the opportunity to craft his own image of a distinguished gentleman or cultured intellectual, which can in turn serve to make a positive impression on women, on new acquaintances, as well as on prospective employers, business partners, and clients.

Not only is dual citizenship an excellent ice-breaker that can help invigorate a man’s social and dating life as well as boost career prospects, but people holding second passports are likely to be viewed as more educated, successful, and cultured than they otherwise would be. As a result, second passport holders can more confidently comment on world news, foreign policy, and geopolitical events from a position of authority due to the higher level of respect that they command on all things international.

Dual citizens also enjoy instant credibility when discussing their foreign language skills. It is widely known in the world of linguistics and language study that casual language learners and enthusiasts have a habit of grossly overstating their proficiency levels in an attempt to present themselves as worldly-wise. Dual citizenship can facilitate such efforts, as a few well-rehearsed phrases spoken by a man with a second passport in hand may be all that is needed to convey proficiency in a charming and impressive manner.

Time for Action

Although the idea of ultra-wealthy wine connoisseurs and cigar aficionados with insatiable egos gobbling up one citizenship after another is somewhat contrived, the fact remains that the general trend of individuals of means basking in the glory of a second passport is undoubtedly on the upswing.

Furthermore, while the potential benefits of dual citizenship to a person’s social, dating, and professional life are indeed very real, an effort should be made to capitalize on these benefits in a reasonable manner within the framework of the passport holder’s personality. After all, coming across as a self-aggrandizing jerk is not the point of the exercise.

And since second passport opportunities have recently become increasingly accessible to a broader segment of society, people with middle-class backgrounds and lifestyles are now able to join in the formerly off-limits contest of amassing citizenships.

Ultimately, the key takeaway here is that a second passport can definitely lend a new and exciting edge to an acquirer’s persona and that this added intrigue can serve to greatly enrich the individual’s personal and professional life.

So why not take the initiative and make a second passport your 2022 New Year’s resolution? There’s no time like the present to get started!