More Than Just a Life Insurance for World War III

More Than Just a Life Insurance for World War III

written by Dennis Pike on October 15, 2022

At the latest since the beginning of this year, the idea of a World War III is not any longer pure paranoia of a dystopian Sci-Fi screenwriter. But in times of plandemia, the collapse of the fiat money system and a crash of global economic structures including demographic chaos in many parts of the world, there is no harm in thinking about a possible place of retreat.

That Europe, for example, is not such a place of retreat is obvious. But even traditional emigration destinations such as the Gulf oases of Dubai, Southeast Asian boom countries, and Australia as well as New Zealand, for all their merits, are situated in geopolitical fault lines. Should there be a major conflict in the Middle East or with China, it certainly won’t be possible to permanently live there quietly.

However, since the supply lines are also permanently damaged in the aftermath of planned crises and economies and the great challenges of deglobalization and demographic change cannot be met, strategic considerations such as food and energy supply must also be included in evaluating our personal Plan B.

To be clear: These thoughts are not about where you would have found the most beautiful playgrounds and business opportunities in the old world - and if we pray a lot and God is gracious to us once again, they may still exist in the future or after the Great Reset of the current world order. I am concerned here with a complementary solution, which we perhaps do not make use of at all until a time, at which it will be then however in any case too late to acquire these solutions even if you pay a lot of money.

Where Can You Hide?

At the moment, I see only the Southern part of South America as such a life-saving place. This region has great self-sufficiency when it comes to essentials like food and energy. Certainly, many South American countries have not traditionally proven to be the most free-market and exciting in recent decades. We would be happy to continue advising you on the coolest and most opportunity-rich places in the world, but a getaway is not a place to primarily have fun. It is a place to secure you and your family!

Nevertheless, Paraguay, for example, still offers good combination of possibilities, which is why I already got myself a Paraguay "Cedula" in the old world and not just for precautionary reasons. One great fact is that Paraguay does not tax income from abroad, which makes it attractive as an official tax residence for all entrepreneurs who earn their money online and like to travel most of the time like me. The Paraguayan residence and work permit also gives you full access to the other Mercosur countries such as Brazil and Argentina. Since I personally earn my money through tax-free company constructs in the USA and Canada, which are and - even more importantly - appear to be reputable worldwide, I can utilize Paraguay with its territorial tax system as the choice par excellence for my official residence.

The Easy and Cheap Option

But not only that! Since it is incredibly affordable and easy to get a lifetime residence permit in Paraguay, it is a no-brainer from the above-mentioned insurance thoughts to definitely secure a backup in Paraguay even yesterday! In 2022, however, it is mandatory! If the worldwide situation gets worse and more and more people make use of this easy way, at some point also Paraguay will be forced like Panama last year to raise the hurdles way up. Currently you can get the complete package in Paraguay for only 3000 USD. About 5000 USD have to be parked in a local bank for half a year, unless you have a university degree, then you can proceed even without this temporary deposit. You only need the following apostilled documents in English or Spanish language/translation: birth certificate, police clearance (which is not older than 6 months) and if necessary, your marriage certificate or divorce decree. With these documents in your luggage, you have to fly to Asuncion and there everything will be done within 1 or 2 days with a local immigration helper. Don’t worry, a vaccination is not anymore required to enter the country! I myself was able to do the whole application process in half a day. They picked me up in the hotel in the morning, drove me to all the offices, the notaries, and the police. In the afternoon I had a temporary piece of paper in my hand, which entitled me to stay in the country until the residence papers and ID cards were issued half a year later. Beware, there are also some immigration helpers who promise a faster way, but this only works with bribery. If this will be discovered, the whole enterprise ends up a failure and the residence permit may even be subsequently revoked. Since you are allowed to stay in the country anyway, I see no reason to wait the usual 6 months for the official papers.

Many people spend tens of thousands of dollars for residence permits in playgrounds, which even must be renewed every few years. But only few are smart and take precautions while it’s still possible.

Self-sufficiency is Possible in Paraguay

Paraguay has self-sufficiency with 100% renewable energy thanks to the Itaipu Dam. Paraguay is therefore independent of international energy prices and armed against emergencies. Paraguay has so much abundant energy that it is the largest exporter of electricity in the world.

Like the other countries in Paraguay's neighborhood, Paraguay is one of the countries with the most secure food supply. All countries surrounding and including Paraguay are net exporters of food.

The soil is very fertile, and nobody will interfere with you if you decide to become a self-sufficient farmer with your family. No socialism, no mandatory insurances, liberal laws.

Safe Haven for War

If there is a World War, it will probably be fought in Asia and Europe. Nowhere in the northern hemisphere but also in allied countries like Australia and New Zealand will be safe. I don't see how New Zealand, for example, can be chosen as a retreat for World War 3. One should not think that the AUKUS and Five-Eyes countries New Zealand and Australia will be left alone in a conflict with China. If you look at the vastness of Paraguay, there is no issue of overpopulation here either, but instead you are far away from any nuclear war theaters. The Gran Chaco makes up about 60% of Paraguay's territory, but only 2% of its population. With only 7 million inhabitants, a typical small American town is spread over an area the size of the United Kingdom.

Paraguay had its last war even before the Second World War. Paraguay gets along very well with its neighbors and has economic ties with all of them, such as MERCOSUR.

Even if in the Third World War countries such as Brazil or Argentina become involved, one might be in danger in the coastal cities. But it is not to be expected that a foreign army will penetrate the hinterland and the vast steppes of Paraguay. Why should they?

All in all, Paraguay is my favorite place to retreat with my family in case of an emergency. Since I can also live in, say, Brazil with my residence permit in Paraguay, it won't be boring either. So, if the geopolitical situation gets worse, I will go to South America and if the Third World War gets into the hot phase, I will barricade myself as a self-sufficient person in the outback of Paraguay.

Let us pray to God that we will never need this option and be thankful that we are still allowed to obtain this insurance now at no great cost!