Tax- & Bureaucracy- Free Offshore Company

A tax-free business is not just reserved for large corporations. You can also go offshore with your company!

Avoid mistakes, save lots of money & time and set up your offshore structure the fast way.

Already implemented and successfully founded by hundreds of online entrepreneurs. 

No Taxation
No Bookkeeping
Limited Liability

Did you know...?

Setting up an offshore company is affordable and easy, provided you know what to do.

  1. 1
    Legal threats against offshore companies make no sense and cost lawyers more than they could potentially gain.
  2. 2
    Offshore firms are not shady or illegal and can be established in many reputable countries that nobody would suspect.
  3. 3
    Many structures are not taxed on the corporate level. If their owners additionally live in a territorial tax system like Paraguay, they don't need to pay any tax at all.
  4. 4
    No taxation often comes with no bookkeeping requirements. That reduces the annual reporting to almost zero.
  5. 5
    Full-shield limited liability companies can be established with basically no minimum capital required.

Why start a business through us?

This is your shortcut!

We have already helped hundreds of people to establish their offshore company.

We know the pitfalls and ask the right questions in our consulting calls. We give you our independent opinion.

We are familiar with the worldwide offshore structures and know where to find the pearls.

Even for those who remain taxable, offshore companies can often optimize taxes. Maybe for you, too!

We can also guide and help you with your emigration dreams. Need a second residency or passport?

We are not a big business consulting agency and can therefore shine with affordable prices.

With us you...

get an easy and quick establishing of your offshore solution.

save time, stress and money through our clever solutions.

learn insider knowledge that can otherwise only be acquired with months of research.

Tax- & Bureaucracy-

Free Company



We help you getting your own offshore company so that you can reduce your tax and paperwork.

  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Digital Nomads & Freelancers
  • E.g. Traders who want to optimize tax
  • Consultation
  • Options & Advise
  • Establishment of an offshore company through local agents
  • Support throughout the founding process
  • Fully established offshore company
  • Registered office for the first year inclusive

If you think about how much taxes, administration costs and frustration you can avoid, our offer is a simple and genuine no-brainer!

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How quickly can the company be established?

It all depends on the structure and the country. In some cases, companies can be established in just a few working days. Other structures can also take a few weeks.

What do you need from me?

It all depends on the company structure. Typically, at least one scan of an ID document and an address are required. Other requirements are quite individual depending on the solution.

Can I establish the company anonymously?

Many solutions offer a high level of privacy protection. However, this is often reduced when you open a business account and the banks in turn want you to disclose all kinds of data.

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