Consulting Session

Quick answers to your most important questions about emigrating and/or immigrating to Paraguay.

Completely individual and tailored to your needs and current challenges.

Quick appointment
Instant help
and solutions
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Why get your Consultation Session now?

You have little time and need quick help or solutions.

Direct solutions

Answers and solutions to your preferred topics. We find out whatever we don't know straight away.


You decide what it's all about. No talking around, but individual solutions.

2 FOR 1

Married couples and business partners can receive consultation together. Without additional costs!

After your consulting session...

you have answers to your most important questions about emigrating and Paraguay.

you know us better and can decide whether we should continue to accompany you.

you know what you need to do to get started in your new life.




Quick answers and help to your questions about emigration or Paraguay.

  • Zoom-Call with one of our experts for 30 minutes
  • You decide yourself what it should be about
  • What we can not answer directly, we will find out for you
  • Insightful knowledge and answers from us on the topics of your choice

For only a little money, get answers that would probably take weeks to research.

What a bargain!

Decide now for more clarity and confidence through our consultation.

Procedure after purchase



After contacting us, we will schedule an appointment within the next days.


Your concerns

You will receive an invitation to the Zoom meeting. Optionally, you can send us a brief outline of your main concerns in advance.


Your Expert

Based on your concerns, the expert who best suits you will advise you.

Quick answers to your current questions!


Are there also questions that you can't answer?

Yes, of course there are, because we are only human. Nevertheless, we try our best to answer each of your questions seriously and clearly. If there is something that we do not know right away, we will ask our network for you.

Does the consultation include access to your network of contacts?

Of course, in certain cases we can also refer you to specialists and contacts from our network.

Are there any other interesting services beyond the consultation call?

Yes, we have a wide range of different services, such as checklists & guidance, video courses, mentoring, tours and much more. Just look around on our website. You will surely be able to find something exciting.

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