Why Paraguay?


A developing country that is only interesting for criminals and drug dealers? Not at all! Paraguay is one of the economically most up-and-coming countries in the world and allows for maximum self-determination as well as the highest quality of life and much more.


What Paraguay really has to offer

Indulgent Lifestyle

Whether it is food, wellness or expensive hobbies, in Paraguay you will experience high quality at reasonable prices.


With 285 days of sunshine a year, a warm summer and mild winter, Paraguay lifts your spirit in daily life.

Real Estate for All

Inexpensive real estate with the highest return on investment? Paraguay is worth it!

Freedom through Simplicity

In private as well as in business, Paraguay enables a maximum of self-determination.

Business with Profit

Whether self-employed or entrepreneur, Paraguay tempts with as low as 0% tax.


Between anxiety and excitement, certainty and uncertainty. Our experts know the emotional roller coaster ride, especially before emigrating for the first time. But above all, they know: Every emigration holds different challenges depending on the country and personal life situation!

For this reason, we have bundled our knowledge, which is continuously expanded from new impulses of our constantly growing network. Therefore, you benefit from a unique and exceptionally large wealth of experience.

What makes Paraguay so special!

There is something for everybody in Paraguay! Whether you move to a farm in the hinterland as a self-sufficient person or enjoy the modern life in one of the larger cities, the Paraguayan mentality with its looseness and sense of freedom is one reason why Paraguay is traditionally a very popular emigration destination. Besides affordable real estate in Paraguay, one has a maximum of self-determination here.


Some good reasons to emigrate to Paraguay

  • A conservative culture deeply rooted in Christianity.
  • Easy immigration. Hardly any other country offers such simple conditions for obtaining a residence permit.
  • Very favorable cost of living and rents, which allow a much better quality of life for the same earnings.
  • Very family and child-friendly country whose citizens still strongly adhere to traditional values.
  • Tax-wise one of the most attractive countries in the world. Foreign income is not taxed at all. Domestic income with max. 10% and a possibility of numerous deductions in everyday life.
  • The freedom-loving mentality of the Paraguayans has a strong loosening effect on the regulations of "powerful" entities.
  • The vast landscape as well as the low population density, of 18 inhabitants per square kilometer, convey a feeling of pleasant expanse.
  • The quality and availability of food is known worldwide due to the active domestic cultivation and the cattle herds. Many of those famous Argentinian steaks are actually Paraguayan.
  • A self-sufficient life in Paraguay is possible to the best extent due to the good climate, about 285 sunny days a year and the very good soil.
  • Paraguay is a traditional immigration country. Foreigners enjoy a noticeably high standing here and are welcomed with great hospitality.
  • Even World War 3 will hardly matter to you in Paraguay, since this remote hinterland is geopolitically completely insignificant and far away from any potential battlefield.
  • Paraguay sits on one of the biggest fresh water reservoirs of the world. South America is generally incredibly rich in natural resources.
  • Paraguay has so more than 100% renewable energy and is the largest exporter of so called “clean” energy worldwide. Not even the international climate change agenda can harm Paraguay.
  • Paraguay and its neighbors are all net food exporters which keeps the region stable and independent in case of a global food supply scarcity. 
  • Although Paraguay is not located at the sea, it has more sandy beaches than for example the popular vacation and emigration destination Mallorca. The Rio Paraná is up to 38 km wide, so you quickly get that beach feeling - only with clean fresh water instead!
  • The economy in Paraguay is robust and emerging, and yet you can live excellently here on $1,500 USD as a married couple.
  • In Paraguay there are well affordable medical services and low-priced health insurances.
  • Paraguay shines with hardly any bureaucracy and only few regulations, whether for building a house, doing business or even the non-existent registration system.
  • in Paraguay there are no natural disasters worth mentioning like earthquakes, volcanoes or hurricanes.
  • Tranquillo - Paraguay offers you a stress free lifestyle.
  • Paraguay has mostly warm temperatures - even in winter, which is very mild, unlike in Argentina and Uruguay.
  • In Paraguay the flora is green and blooming all year round. Living in contact with nature is very easy.
  • Spanish is even more simple to learn than English. If you already know a Latin-based language like English, French, Italian or so, you will pick up Spanish rapidly!



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