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Consulting with Team Member

Consulting description

Book your consultation with the team. will closely consider your personal situation and preferences and put you in touch with the best person to talk to based on your problem set. All team members are highly competent, have already conducted countless consultations and have been working with Christoph for years. Your question is in good hands here.


Consulting with Team Member

Independent advice helps cosmopolitans make the right decisions for their business and life.

  • Individually tailored advice
  • Maximum independence & discretion
  • Implementation via partner network included
  • 90 minutes plus Q & A afterwards
  • Timely appointment

Focal Points

  • Exit from the system & perpetual traveling
  • Relocation & Emigration
  • Bureaucracy for the location independent
  • Legal tax optimization at home and abroad
  • Off/Onshore Companies & Accounts
  • Travel hacking
  • Second Citizenships
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • All other flags of the flag theory

Procedure details

1. Contact us

Please contact us first so that he can decide whether you need a consultation with Christoph or with a team member - depending on how complex your starting situation is and what plans you have.

In the message please give a short and concise description of your initial situation and goals. Of course you decide what you tell Christoph. But the more he knows, the better he can decide who can advise you best.

He is especially interested in:

- citizenship(s), residencies, family status, children, living situation, life planning
- existing business structures, business area, turnover, customer countries
- existing accounts & investments
- Motivation for the consultation and wishes for the consultation

2. Appointment Booking

If Christoph decides that you will have a consultation with a team member, you will transfer the amount. Christoph will give you the account details. There are several ways to make the transfer (PayPal, bank transfer, crypto...).

3. Appointment Scheduling

After the money has arrived on the account, you can arrange your appointment with the team member assigned to you. Christoph will give you the email contact or Calendly link of the team member.

4. Consultation

We will hold a consultation with you at the appointed time. Experience has shown that the 90 minutes are sufficient in 95% of cases. A slight overdraft is possible depending on subsequent dates. The consulting costs are a flat rate and do not depend on the length of the conversation. As long as you have questions, we are here for you.

5. Follow-Up & Implementation

After the consultation, we may send you further research information that was discussed during the call. In addition, we will take care of the implementation via my partner networks in coordination with you. As soon as you approve, we will forward you to one of my partner lawyers, for example to set up your company structure or to register in another country. You are also welcome to email us at any time with minor questions!

  • Total costs: 992.00 USD (gross)

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    Oakland Park, United States

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