Freedom Consulting

99.00 USD

Freedom Consulting

Consulting description

We can help you set up a tax-free and paperless company and answer your general questions about moving abroad and securing new residencies.


A tax-free lifestyle featuring maximum freedom!

  • Do you seek a lifestyle free of taxation but are unsure about how to make it happen?
  • Do you want to rid yourself of all the paperwork and draconian filing requirements?
  • Do you wish to escape the rapid erosion of freedoms and increasing lawlessness in your country?
  • Would you be interested in internationally diversifying your life by obtaining a second citizenship and passport?


Then our freedom consulting package is the right choice for you!

Procedure details

  1. Write us and we will schedule an appointment with you. Let us know how we can assist you as well as your preferred method of communication.
  2. Give us a little time to match you with an expert advisor who is optimally suited to explain all viable options and courses of action aimed at resolving the problems at hand.
  3. For the period following the consultation, our consultants will be available to answer follow-up questions at your convenience at no additional charge and might provide you with important information and contacts in regards to the topic of your consultation.

  • Total costs: 99.00 USD (gross)

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    Oakland Park, United States

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    English, German

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