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The Republic of Armenia is located in the eastern region of Eurasia. The country covers an area of 3,028 square kilometers, making it the smallest of the former Soviet republics. The capital and largest city is Yerevan. Armenia is bordered by Georgia to the north, Iran to the south and west, Turkey to the northwest and Azerbaijan to the east. The country has a population of approximately 3 million people.nThe Armenian culture is unique in that it has elements from both the East and West. The country is also home to significant archaeological sites, including Mount Ararat, which is believed to be the site of Noah's Ark. Armenia also has a rich history, dating back to antiquity. In 301 BC, Armenia was conquered by Alexander the Great and became part of the Byzantine Empire. During the 4th century AD, Armenians converted to Christianity and began developing their own culture. After becoming a republic in 1918, Armenia fought for independence against Soviet rule beginning in 1920. In 1991, Armenia attained independence after defeating Soviet forces in a referendum.nToday, Armenia boasts a thriving economy with a well-developed social welfare system. The country has made significant advancements in its democratic process and has been recognized as a full member of