Armenian Citizenship Report

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Armenian Citizenship Report

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A complete PDF guide to understanding the wide range of options, rules, benefits, risks, and implications of obtaining a valuable second citizenship and passport in the country of Armenia.


Our 70-page Armenia Citizenship Report is a valuable resource that aims to serve as the ultimate guide to gaining a wholehearted understanding of the process involved as well as the full scope of benefits and potential drawbacks inherent to obtaining Armenian citizenship. It is also designed to empower readers to draw their own informed conclusions on whether Armenian citizenship is a pursuit-worthy endeavor that fits into the framework of their international lifestyle planning and preferences.

Whereas our feature article entitled A Case for Armenia as a Second Citizenship Opportunity published in the TDV Newsletter adopted a semi-academic writing style to convey its key messages and appeal to the reader’s inner quest to achieve personal independence by way of international diversification, this report is jam-packed with raw information and strategic analysis presented in a concise and straightforward manner.

This report was compiled by our second citizenship experts with the objective of creating the most accurate, complete, up-to-date, and useful assessment of the prospect of acquiring Armenian citizenship. It is the result of countless hours of independent research, fact verification, and discussions with industry and legal experts and Armenian government officials.

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