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Including what to expect when traveling to IsraelnFrom the comfort of your own home...Israel is a landlocked country bordering Jordan and Lebanon. It's home to some of the most spectacularly diverse scenery on earth! Whether you're immersing yourself in the ancient ruins of Jerusalem or enjoying an afternoon safari in the vast expanses of the Negev, there's plenty to do and see in this fascinating country.When traveling to Israel, be sure to familiarize yourself with the local laws. In particular, note that Israeli law applies to all Israelis, regardless of their nationality. This means that if you are an American citizen visiting Israel on vacation, for example, you will be subject to Israeli law even if you are illegally crossing into Israel. Additionally, Israeli law prohibits foreign tourist workers from engaging in any form of work other than teaching or performing cultural services. As a result, it is important to have proper authorization if you intend to engage in any kind of paid employment while in Israel.In general, Israeli citizens are required by law to show their identification (and proof of citizenship) when interacting with police officers or other government officials. This rule does not apply at airport security checkpoints, however. Additionally