Paraguay Residence Permit

2,000.00 USD


A multilingual immigration assistant will take care of you, answer your questions and visit all the necessary offices in Asuncion with you in 1-2 days.

  • Get your temporary residence permit in Paraguay (or upgrade to permanent residency after 2 years)
  • Get your Cedula as your Paraguayan ID
  • Get all your documents within 1-2 months.

Requirements details

  • Birth certificate with apostille (or legalized by a Paraguay consulate/embassy, if you cannot get an apostille).
  • Marriage certificate and/or divorce decree with apostille (if applicable).
  • Criminal record with apostille (not older than 6 months otherwise invalid).
  • If you live in a different country than the country of your citizenship, you will need proof of residency of the country you are living right now (for at least 3 years). If it is not a driver's license or a document with a photo, you will need an apostille of this document as well.
  • All documents must be translated into Spanish in Paraguay by an authorized translator. The price of the translation is included in our immigration package. But you must send digital copies (scan/good photo) to us before you come, so there is enough time to translate them.
  • Passport that is at least more than 6 month valid (better much longer).

  • Agency share: 300.00 USD (gross)

  • Total costs: 2,000.00 USD (gross)

  • Total yearly costs: 0.00 USD (gross)



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