LLC Setup in the USA

2,000.00 USD


An American LLC (Limited Liability Company) offers you the following advantages, regardless of the state of incorporation:

  • Tax exemption (if you are tax exempt due to your place of residence/non-residency)
  • Except for a 10-minute form, no bookkeeping is required
  • Anonymity possible due to the lack of a transparency register and no exchange of information
  • Excellent reputation for all business models, access to payment providers such as PayPal is also possible
  • Legal and asset protection

Procedure details

The best part is that the foundation is very uncomplicated; not even a trip to the USA is necessary. To set up a business, simply send us the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact email
  • Desired name of the LLC
  • Company purpose
  • Member or manager managed
  • Names of members
  • Names of managers
  • Passport copy

This is all the information you need. If you send this to us, we can currently open an LLC in just 7 business days (in Florida). Two days later you also have your EIN number. If you prefer to open in another state, the processing times vary.

  • Total costs: 2,000.00 USD (gross)

  • Total yearly costs: 1,400.00 USD (gross)

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