Tax- & Bureaucracy-free Canada LLP

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Send us a message. After that we will give you free access to our video information package and then clarify all remaining questions about the Canada LLP in a personal call. We will then refer you to our lawyer in Canada and help you through the entire incorporation process.

  • Total costs: 1,500.00 USD (gross)

  • Total yearly costs: 1,000.00 USD (gross)

This additional service is included in the offer:

Information package on how to set up a Canada LLP

-Info product-

Service description

In this video course you learn everything you need to know on how to set up a Canadian LLP and already get all the basic questions answered.

Module 1: Basics

  • How does it work?
  • Aren't offshore companies illegal?
  • Which kind of legal structure is the company?
  • For whom is this construct suitable?
  • and much more...

    Module 2: Benefits
  • How is the reputation?
  • How does the freedom from taxation work?
  • How much bureaucracy is there?
  • Is there really no book keeping necessary?
  • Where in Canada can you get the full shield limited liability?
  • Is there a minimum capital required?
  • Do I need a bank account for establishing an LLP?
  • What are the advantages of the LLP as compared to a Canada LP?
  • Why is a British Columbia LLP the best?
  • How easy is the establishing process?
  • and much more...

    Module 3: Establishing
  • How exactly does the establishing process work?
  • What is a registration statement?
  • What is the annual report? Can the agency do it?
  • What is a registered office?
  • Which types of Canadian tax numbers exist and do you need one?
  • What types of business are allowed?
  • How about the founding partner?
  • How many partners are required?
  • Can the partner itself be a company?
  • and much more...

    Module 4: Bonus tips
  • What should you consider when writing invoices?
  • How do you deal with KYC?
  • and much more...




Taxes details

The Canada LLP is a so-called "flow-through structure". This means that unless the firm serves Canadian clients, it does not pay tax, but passes on any tax liability to its shareholders, who may then have to pay tax on the profits according to their private context and tax residency.

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